What To Bring On A Multi-Day White Water Rafting Trip

Multi-day white water rafting trips take you on adventures to places that are inaccessible in a single day, and you get the added fun of camping during the nights. To make sure you can enjoy a longer trip to its fullest, bring these items on a multi-day white water rafting trip.


You're going to get wet while white water rafting, and you'll likely want to swim in the evenings too. Bring a swimsuit that's comfortable — think function over fashion — and that's quick-drying. Something that provides good coverage will also help protect your skin from the sun.

Board shorts are good options for men, as they cover the upper legs and are comfortable to wear for hours. Women may want river/swim shorts with a top. They'll have good coverage and be comfortable, and shorts make taking care of business in nature a little easier.


Be prepared to set up camp, cook, and have some fun in the dark. A headlamp will allow you to see while keeping your hands free. It makes pitching tents, cooking, and eating much easier.

Make sure whatever headlamp you choose is waterproof, in case you slip while getting something out of a raft in the dark. Also, look for one that has long-lasting or rechargeable batteries, so you'll have light throughout the entire adventure.

Rain Jacket

As refreshing as splashes on the river can be, getting rained on while setting up camp isn't fun. Bring a lightweight, waterproof, and quick-drying rain jacket for any drizzly evenings or cool breezes that you experience in the evenings.

Wet Wipes

Don't expect to shower while you're camping on the riverside, and swimming will only do so much. Body odor can build up over several days, especially considering that you'll likely sweat when paddling and/or making portages.

Wet wipes provide a convenient way to wash up when showers aren't available. You can bring dry shampoo, which doesn't require rinsing. Just make sure any wipes you bring are biodegradable.


Don't forget the sunscreen, and pack an extra bottle in case you lose one while rafting. The sun can be especially harsh when it reflects off of the water, and you'll be exposed for the majority of each day. A high-SPF and waterproof sunscreen is essential. Also, take care to apply it several times throughout the day.

Bug Spray

Insects will come out in the evenings when you want to sit around and not move much. Bug spray will help reduce bites from mosquitos and other insects.