Replacing or Upgrading the Outboard Engine on Your Boat

Outboard engines are commonly used on boats because they offer plenty of power and can be easily removed, replaced, or upgraded. Large Suzuki marine outboards can be used by themselves or in combination to ensure the horsepower needed and still allow flexibility for your board or craft.

Outboard Engines

An outboard engine is recognizable because it mounts to the stern of the boat, and there are many different sizes that allow you to use them on a small fishing boat or a large offshore racing craft. Suzuki marine outboards and similar brands from other manufacturers are available from a few horsepower to hundreds of horsepower, and choosing the best one for your boat is essential. 

Maintaining and storing outboard engines can be more convenient than other systems, but larger engines can still require help to remove and store because of the size and weight of the engine and the lower power unit on it. If storage and maintenance are your primary concern, talk to the marine dealer in your area about the outboard options, and they can help you determine if they are the best fit for your boat and how large the engine needs to be for your specific boat type and model.

Repowering Your Boat

If the outboard engine on your boat is getting out, has a lot of operating hours on it, or you want more out of it, a Suzuki repower may be the best solution. Outboards are much easier to remove and replace, so taking the engine to the next level is less complicated but can still require changes to the boat's electrical system and controls. 

Repowering the boat with a fresh engine that is a direct replacement is the simplest option, but if the opportunity to add some power is there, it could be something to consider. It is critical to check the weight of the marine outboard and the capacity and power rating of the boat. 

A Suzuki repower with an engine that is too large for the boat could damage the transom where the engine connects, and additional stress on the boat could be a problem for the hull over time. Most boats are rated for a specific engine range, and it is vital to stay within it to ensure the craft is safe and you do not void the warranty with too large of an engine. 

Large outboard engines can be costly, and if yours is not running right, a repower might be a good idea, but repairing the engine may be more cost-effective in the long run. Talk with the service tech at a local marina —such as Reliable Marine Services — about what options you have and what they recommend for your boat before undertaking a repower or engine change.