Understanding Remanufactured Ammunition and How It Is Different From Hand Reloading

Ammunition is getting more expensive all the time, reloading can be time-consuming, and not everyone wants to set up a spot in their home or shop for it. Buying remanufactured 223 gun ammo is an option, but you may wonder what it is and if it is safe for your firearms. 

Remanufactured Ammo

You may have heard the term reloaded ammo before. That is typically the description used for hand-loaded cartridges that are done one at a time using multiple processes, using previously fired brass casings and new parts. Many gun enthusiasts hand load, but it takes some time and experience to learn to do it correctly. 

Remanufactured ammo is different because it is done in larger quantities and with an automated process that is far more precise than hand reloading. Many new components are used, but the brass casing is recycled from previously fired casings and inspected to determine the condition before they are used. 

Remanufactured 223 gun ammo or any caliper that the manufacturer wants to load is just as safe to use as new ammunition but may save you some money when you are purchasing ammo. 

The Process

Remanufactured 223 gun ammo is made starting with an empty casing put in a machine that resizes the casing to ensure it meets the industry standard and will work in any firearm of the caliper. A series of sensors check the casing to ensure it is not damaged and safe to reuse. 

The primer pocket is inspected to ensure it will hold the primer properly, and then the neck of the casing is resized to hold the ball or bullet securely. Some manufacturers will go so far as to use a micro-camera inside the brass casing to inspect it for cracks both inside and outside the casing. 

The casing is pressure tested to ensure it will not detonate in the firearm, and then a new primer, powder, and bullet are put in place. Once the remanufactured 223 gun ammo comes out of the machine, it is inspected to ensure it is safe and ready to use in your rifle or handgun. 

Meeting Standards

Remanufactured 223 gun ammo and other calipers manufactured by the same companies must meet specific safety standards before they can go to market. The same standards for new ammo are used for remanufactured ammo because they must perform the same way. 

While not everyone is comfortable with the idea of reloaded or remanufactured ammo, the process of making these cartridges is extremely precise and highly regulated. The next time you are in the gun shop looking for ammo for your rifle or handgun, ask the shop owner or employees about remanufactured 223 gun ammo and their experience with it if you want to get some opinions before trying it.