4 Things To Look For In An Electric Bike

If you want to get in shape, an electric bike is a great way to get a cardio workout. With an electric bike, you can enjoy biking with a little electrical assistance. An electric bike is a great way to get around while also bringing in some cardio exercise.

#1: Battery Charging Time

An electric bike will come with a battery. You are going to want to consider how long it takes the battery to charge. For example, if you use your battery to commute to work and plug in the battery while at work, you will want the battery to be fully charged by the end of your shift.

The battery charging time can vary based on how large the battery is and how depleted the battery is. In many cases, you can also purchase chargers that will help charge the battery faster.

#2: Number of Batteries

Many electric bikes allow you only to carry one battery at a time. Other bikes are set up so that you can carry and use multiple batteries. This is great if you like to go on long rides. When one battery dies, you can switch to the other battery without going through the recharging process. This can be great if you are not able to charge the battery frequently.

#3: Battery Mount

Third, you are going to want to consider how the battery mounts to the bike. Some batteries mount on a small bike bag, and others mount directly on the bike's frame. The battery's location will impact how easy it is to access the battery and what other accessories you can mount to the frame of the bike. Carefully consider what other accessories you want to mount to the bike and how the battery will impact the bike's setup.

#4: Motor Location

Fourth, you need to consider the location of the e-bike motor. A mid-drive motor is located on the bottom bracket, near the pedals on the bike are attached. A hub-drive motor is located on the rear wheel of your bike.

The location of the motor will impact the balance of the bike. Many people like mid-drive motors as they provide the bike with a natural balance and feel. A hub-driven motor can make you feel more like you are being pushed along.

When you look at an electric bike, you need to think carefully about how far you plan on riding. The length of your ride will impact how large of a battery you want your bike to have and how many batteries you want your bike to handle. You also need to consider how the electric components are situated on the bike, which will impact your bike's feel and balance.