Electronic Devices For Your Hunting Dog To Use

When you're putting together equipment for hunting dogs to use during a hunting expedition, there are a number of things to consider. You'll often want some type of vest for the animal, as well as a collar, and you shouldn't forget to also pack water and snacks for the animal. A visit to a local hunting shop will present you with a number of other valuable pieces of equipment that may be appealing to you, including several that are electronic. Modern-day hunting equipment is all about giving sportsmen an edge that they didn't have decades ago, and this is true about equipment for hunting dogs, too. Here are some electronic devices that you may want to buy for your animal.

Location Light

One of the simplest electronic devices to buy for a hunting dog, but also one of the most useful, is a location light. This is a small light that hangs from the dog's collar, and that you can turn on when the conditions get dark. Often, a hunt that takes place during the daytime will have you returning to your camp at dusk, which can make it difficult to track your animal. You probably don't want the dog on a leash because you'll be carrying gear and have your hands occupied. A location light will allow you to easily spot your animal as you walk in the dark.

Zap Collar

While some dog owners don't agree with zap collars in everyday life — devices that allow you to administer a mild shock to the dog through its collar from a remote control — this is often something that is helpful for hunting dogs. A prime example can occur when you need to get the dog to obey you for its own protection. For example, if the dog were to encounter a large predator such as a bear or a mountain lion, it might pursue this animal despite your calls for the dog to return. Your ability to zap the dog can prompt it to come back to you, potentially saving its life.

GPS Collar

Another type of electronic device to consider for your dog is a GPS-equipped collar. There may be times that your dog gets out of sight from you as it pursues your prey. This would be a concern under normal circumstances, but when you've outfitted the animal with this device, you'll be able to simply consult your smartphone, load the appropriate app, and see where the animal is. This is a simple way to catch up to your animal even if it's a considerable distance away.