Three Ways To Have A Better Wilderness Experience

Do you love spending time in the great outdoors but you have noticed that outdoor recreation has become so popular that it's often difficult to have a serene experience? Crowded campgrounds, rivers with fishermen lined up mere inches from one another on the banks, and lakes filled with noisy motorboats make it difficult for those seeking a more private and peaceful wilderness encounter. Fortunately, you can still find ways to commune with nature without an audience of strangers—you just need to get off the beaten path a bit. Following are three excellent options for enjoying the wilderness without having to deal with the maddening crowds. 

Dispersed Camping

Many people don't look beyond the obvious when the time comes to book a campground, and they are often disappointed when they find themselves in crowded conditions with other campers instead of enjoying a true wilderness sojourn. Dispersed camping in the backcountry is ideal for those wishing to avoid this situation. You can obtain the necessary permit for dispersed camping from your nearest forest service office. You won't have the amenities available that most commercial campgrounds offer, such as restrooms and showers, but you'll have abundant solitude, serenity, and silence. 

Kayak Fishing

Do you love to fish but hate the combat fishing that happens at popular fishing spots? Buying a fishing kayak offers an excellent opportunity for getting away from crowded river banks and away from the noise of motorized boats on the lakes. With a fishing kayak, you can reach areas not accessible to motorboats or those on foot, which frequently translates to better fishing grounds. Fishing kayaks are easy to handle and transport, and you also won't have the expense and hassle of maintaining a motorized boat. You can also launch it from anywhere, instead of having to use a standard boat launch. As an added benefit, kayaks glide silently through the water, minimizing the risk of fish being frightened off by unfamiliar noises. Take a look at Jackson fishing kayaks for sale if you want to take advantage of this resource.

Forest Service Cabins

One of the best-kept secrets among true wilderness enthusiasts involves renting forest service cabins. If you love the idea of having solitude rather than camping next to a bunch of strangers but aren't quite sure about the primitive nature of dispersed camping, renting a forest service cabin is an excellent option. Some come complete with amenities such as running water and electricity, while others offer a more basic experience. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out to your local fishing kayak retailer for more information on creating quality wilderness experiences.