3 Maintenance Mistakes That Ruin Your Bike

Whether you use it for riding the trails, around the neighborhood, or commuting to work, your bike may be an important mode of transportation for you. While adding air and adjusting the seat periodically may be helpful, other bicycle repair tasks are needed to keep it functioning well. To maintain your bike's look and operation, here are a few common mistakes you must avoid.

Excessive Chain Lube

Applying a large amount of lube to your chains may seem like the best option for stopping the squeaking and squealing of your bike, but it is important to remember that less lube is actually more.

Too much lube will trap in dirt and residue, placing more weight on the chains and increasing the risk of a misalignment.

To stop the squealing while ensuring a smooth operation of your drivetrain, make sure to wipe off the leftover lube first. Then, apply only one or two drops of new lube to each link and use a cloth to wipe away any excess piles or clumps.

Overinflated Tires

Overinflated tires can pose many problems. Not only does the excess air pressure increase the risk of the tires becoming flat, but too much air can actually make your bike more difficult to pedal and ride.

Most owners will inflate their tires to the PSI recommended on the actual tires. This is suitable, but it may not be ideal for the type of riding you do.

Road tires require around 80 to 130 PSI while mountain tires need 25 to 35 PSI. These are good starting points, but you must also take into account your body weight because the more you weigh, the higher your air pressure should be.

Again, less is not necessarily more when it comes to bike maintenance. Avoid overinflating your tires.

Overtightened Bolts

Many elements on your bike are adjustable. You probably adjust your seat and handlebars periodically according to your comfort level and riding style.

 If you have a newer bike made with carbon materials, these adjustments are easy to make with a simple Allen wrench. Unfortunately, the easy adjustment causes many people to lose control while tightening the bolts on the bike.

Tightening the bolts on your seat or handlebars too much will not only strip the bolts, but also cause damage to the carbon materials. This causes cracks in the bike frame, reducing the durability of your bike and increasing the risk of accidents while riding.

To prevent this damage, consider using a torque wrench that helps you keep control while loosening and tightening bolts when making adjustments