A Few Tips For Buying An Outdoor Volleyball Net

Having a volleyball net in your yard can provide hours of fun and exercise for your family and friends. Unfortunately, the boxed sets you can pick up at the local department store are not very durable. It would be best to go to a sporting goods store if you want a net that will last more than one summer. Here are a few things you should look for when buying an outdoor volleyball net for sale to make sure you will be able to enjoy the game for years.

Easy Set-up

Unless you have a yard that is large enough to have a permanent volleyball court, you are going to need to be able to set it up and take it down often. This means the poles will not be cemented in place, making it easy to knock down. To have a net that can withstand balls being slammed into it, look for one with thicker poles. However, you do not want to have to pound the poles in, so make sure there are strong stakes that stay in the ground and the poles slide over them. The poles can be pushed into the ground a bit for stability.

Adjustable Height

Since there may be players of all ages and sizes playing, you want to be sure that everyone can get the ball over the net. Having poles that are adjustable means that no one feels left out. Have a few different levels marked so you can have a tournament at the end of the summer with the net set for different teams at a height they are accustomed to playing. You should also find the requirements for a competition net and have a mark at that height for those who may decide to join an organized team in the future.

The Net

An outdoor volleyball net should be able to withstand the weather. Look for one that is made of a nylon mesh and has a water-proof tape covering all edges. The tape should be heavy enough to be sewn onto the netting. The grommets for the ropes should be secure and not pull the tape away from the netting.

Get your family involved in a fun outdoor activity this summer. Even younger children can toss a ball over a net. Older kids can form teams with friends and play a few games of volleyball. Don't be afraid to get in on the action, too. Make up your own rules if needed so everyone can enjoy themselves. The exercise is good for everyone and so is making good summer memories.